Ruth Keighley – Author and Speaker

About Ruth

Ruth Keighley, BRE, MA in Counselling, is a speaker, published author and retired counsellor. She was born and raised in Surrey, BC. She lives with her husband, Ray, in Warman, SK. Writing has been an integral part of Ruth’s life for several decades. Her genre is non-fiction. Ruth has had four books published.

Healing for an Unquiet Mind

Healing for an Unquiet Mind is about my journey through alcoholism and mental illness ($20)

Purchase “Healing for an Unquiet Mind” and learn about one Christian’s struggle from alcoholism and mental illness to total restoration.

Making the Crooked Places Straight

Making the Crooked Places Straight is a collection of mostly personal modern-day miracles. Co-authored with Carol Harrison. ($20)

“These stories will lift your heart and strengthen your faith. The authors tell their stories in simple, straightforward, yet powerful prose. This is the kind of book you will want to pick up any time your faith wanes or you doubt God’s love and mercy.”

Marcia Lee Laycock, author and speaker

Faith, Love, Laughter: A Henry and Agnes Goertz Family Legacy

Faith, Love, Laughter: A Henry and Agnes Goertz Family Legacy is the story of my grandparents and father’s immigration from South Russia (now Ukraine) to Canada in the early 1900s. ($20)

“The story of the Goertz family is an enjoyable read. It offers readers a glimpse into the lives of Henry K. and Aganetha (Janzen) Goertz, based on Henry’s account of their lives in Ukraine from when they married in 1912 until they immigrated to Canada in the 1920s. The book includes brief but informative snapshots of the violence of the Russian Revolution, the chaos of immigrating to Canada and the hardships of homesteading in Northern Alberta. Aspects of the spiritual lives are interspersed with descriptions of rural actives such as pig butchering and picking wild berries. The book also contains brief accounts of all the Goertz children.”

Richard D. Thiessen, Mennonite Heritage Museum

Hope in the Storm

Hope in the Storm: Devotionals for Those Struggling with Mental Health and/or Addictions. ($20)

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